Why You Should Reconsider Taking Painkillers

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It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that painkillers carry some risks. One of those risks is a high level of addiction, mostly because most people commonly abuse these prescription drugs.

Your body is injured, and you can’t stand the pain you’re feeling, thus, the painkillers. It keeps you moving, sure. But if you have other health problems and you want to take these prescribed drugs, you better know what you’re doing!


When a part of your body is injured, some nerve endings in your body send pain messages to the brain, and that’s why you feel the pain. However, if you take some painkilling drugs, these drugs interfere with the messages by going to the site of the injury, your spinal cord, or the brain. In short, painkillers interfere with the pain messages sent to your brain.


If you think taking a painkiller is all that simple, be our guest. But it’s best you also know the facts on why you should reconsider taking these drugs the next time around:



  1. It Worsens A Headache

One of the most popular strong pain relief medications available is called “Codeine,” and doctors prescribe it widely. You can easily buy it over the counter! According to doctors’ research, Codeine can worsen one’s headache and even increase the sensitivity to pain. Imagine that. And the shocking fact is that Britain sells 27 million pills containing Codeine every year!

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  1. You Expose Your Body To The Risk Of Liver Damage

Let’s put it this way. The painkiller you’re using is said to be really “safe,” but you should know that liver toxicity can occur with the use of more than 4,000 milligrams a day. And even if you use a lower dose, if you drink alcohol regularly, or have pre-existing liver disease (Hepatitis C), you are still exposed to the said risk. Acetaminophen is often incorporated into other drugs (remedies for cold or sinus symptoms), and you might not be aware you’ve already induced too much of it if you’re not too vigilant.


  1. You Develop Poor Concentration And Memory Problems

People who use painkillers suffer from chronic pain at some point in their lives. It can affect some of the most basic daily functions of life such as sleeping and performing essential activities. It really causes physical discomfort, which will affect memory and your ability to concentrate.

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  1. It Will Be Harder To Control Movements

Some people who use prescribed painkillers feel lethargy and paranoia usually with drug abuse, as well as respiratory depression. As for the physical symptoms, your iris and muscles get more relaxed to the point that you experience more difficult mobility.


  1. You Experience Hormone Imbalance

The drug opioid uses low levels of testosterone or estrogen. For those who aren’t familiar, these are the female and male sex hormones. That just means if you take too many painkillers, you may suffer from erectile dysfunction, menstrual cycle abnormalities, low energy, and weight gain among many other things. Of course, these will also affect your mental health.


After knowing the reasons why you should reconsider taking painkillers, it’s now all up to you and to your doctor if you’ll benefit greatly from using painkillers or you can get over the pain without having to use one.