Why Is Laughter The Best Medicine?

Have you heard someone say that maybe you are just taking things too seriously, which is why you easily get annoyed or irritated? Do you remember an instance where you are reminded that having a positive outlook on life can help improve your medical condition? Most importantly, can you remember how many times have you heard the line “laughter is the best medicine”? As what William James—an American physician, philosopher, and educator, who many consider the father of modern psychology—wisely said, “We don’t laugh because we’re happy. We’re happy because we laugh.”

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In this article, we are going to provide a quick list of the common causes or reasons why many experts claim that laughter is just as good as some medicines when it comes to pain management. Here is the list:


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  • It Releases Happy Hormones. “The idea that laughing releases tension is well understood by therapists who study the effect of laughter on behavior and mood” Judith J. Wurtman Ph.D. Take note that you need to have feel-good chemicals inside your body. Having the right amount of endorphins in your system can lead to a decrease in stress. When this happens, your entire well-being will improve making you more resistant to pain.


  • It Protects The Heart. A recent study shows that anti-inflammatory effect is one of the consequences of laughter. This means that laughing often can result in improving the function of your blood vessels and regulating blood flow. Because of this, the risks for cardiovascular diseases are decreased.  


  • It Allows You To Burn More Calories. It may come as a shock at first, but some experts claim that laughing for around ten to fifteen minutes a day can lead to burning of at least forty calories. Well, this may not be too much compared to what you could lose when going to the gym but it can be a good start.


  • It Improves Your Mood. Keep in mind that being angry all the time can lead to an adverse effect on your body. When you are always mad at something or someone, it increases the risk of developing heart problem or complications. Fortunately, all it takes is a good laugh to take you out in a bad mood. Find something or someone funny for a positive mood changer.


  • It Helps Foster A Relationship. Having a sense of humor is an essential component of a happy relationship. Laugher can make two people more connected with each other. A couple who laugh together has a high tendency of staying longer in a relationship compared to those who are too serious about what they do every day.


  • It Relaxes The Body. Not everyone knows this, but after laughing, your body feels more relaxed than ever. Since you are relieved with stress, tension, and other unpleasant emotions, the result is that you would feel lighter and calmer.


Now that you are aware of the popular benefits of laughter make sure that you do it on a regular basis. Always keep in mind that taking medications is not the only way for you to feel better about yourself or to ease the pain in your life. Mark Van Vugt Ph.D. states, “So far our findings suggest that laughter works in the same way as a good massage or an intense jog. It is equally relaxing but much more social.” Try to pair it with laughter and be surprised with how it can change everything. You know what they say; “laughter is indeed the best medicine.”


What are you waiting for? Surround yourself with happy people and look for more stuff that can easily make you laugh.