Top Insights From The 2015 Florida Oncology And Cancer Conference


The 2015 Florida Oncology and Cancer Conference has been successful in bringing together practitioners and industry professionals under one roof. On top of that, several highly regarded medical researchers presented their pioneering work as well as their research findings to the plenary.

As a result, there were many eye-opening discussions and fruitful conversations during the entire duration of the conference. I couldn’t help myself, and I felt that I have to share some discussions as well as essential insights in this article.

Discussions In Plenary Sessions


Primarily, the 2015 Florida Oncology and Cancer Conference touched upon the latest innovations in helping cancer patients rise above their situation. Presenters also addressed some controversial topics on how to properly manage different types of cancers.

My key takeaway from the discussion on cancer management is that cancer patients should also be treated for their psychological issues.

Focus On Providing Psychological Care For Cancer Patients

Digging further on this topic, people are aware that cancer patients go through both immense psychological and physical pain. However, medical and palliative care for cancer patients has been too focused on the physical, rather than the mental. It is not surprising to know many cancer patients undergo depression while having their Chemotherapies. However, it should be alarming for medical practitioners, and they should be doing something to address this problem. It is good to know that at this conference, this controversial topic was touched upon. The organizers recognized this as a legitimate concern, especially for cancer patients.

Dealing with cancer is a long and arduous battle. Without the proper guidance and support of physicians and medical practitioners, cancer patients can quickly go into a more depressive state. To support this, there are also findings that depression can delay the process of healing. Cancer patients will surely benefit from further studies and conferences like the 2015 Florida Oncology and Cancer Conference.