The Link Between Pain And Depression



What many do not know is that depression and feeling physical pain has a connection. “About 50 percent of people who have chronic pain also have depression,” according to Robert D. Kerns, Ph.D. The two conditions are closely related to one another since depression can cause pain, and pain can also cause depression. The problem happens when due to depression, the pain a person is feeling worsens. It is also a significant possibility that because of too much pain, a person can get depressed. The cycle is cruel, and many think that there is no relief from it.


Unexplainable Physical Pains

Have you ever wondered why you have back pain, your head is hurting, and your body is just not right? It can be more than the physical aspect, as mental health professionals agree, depression can create these discomforts. It’s not just any ordinary body pain. Having these pains are signs and symptoms that a person is suffering from depression. If you don’t believe it, ask some medical experts at BetterHelp.


How Depression “Happens”

A person will get stressed out because of his problems. He will then display a lousy mood, probably sleep fewer hours at night or sleep all day long to escape his reality, and will have no interest in activities that he previously loves doing.


Aside from that, a depressed person’s self-esteem will dwindle especially if the problem is financial or legal. He will then try to massage his head because it hurts. The person will also experience back pain from the stress.


Hurting Body, Depressed, And Physically Sick




People who are sick can also get depressed because of their illness. There is a significant percentage of people with diabetes who are also suffering from depression. One of the effects is body pain.


Also, those who have heart disease issues will feel their body hurt starting from the head, to the chest area, and their back. It can also boost their depressed mood.


The Complications

When a person is depressed, experiencing body pains, and physically sick, the combination of physical and mental health conditions can be truly overwhelming. It will also be complicated to treat due to the magnitude of ailments. But it can be done, through willpower, determination, and positive thinking. Check out some other helpful tips here in this Instagram.

“Experts used to think that the amount of pain a person felt was equal to the amount of damage in their body. Today, however, we know that our thoughts and emotions can influence the perception of pain, making it much worse or less intense,” according to Beverly Thorn, Ph.D.

Treatment For Depression (With Body Pains)

Anti-depressants – It’s a good thing that some anti-depressants are useful in treating body pains and depression. Ask your doctor as to which brand is best for your conditions to correct the chemical imbalance within your system.

“Some studies suggest that a collaborative and integrative approach is best. This study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that a course of antidepressants followed by a pain self-management program improved both depression and pain,” says Margarita Tartakovsky, M.S.

Talk Therapy – Some counselors recommend a Talk Therapy program for people with depression who also happen to feel extreme body pains. It is a type of psychotherapy or psychological counseling which can eliminate body pains caused by the depression. As for the mental health issue, it will also be curbed in time.


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy – CBT is also a solution for people with depression who also happens to be experiencing body pains. Anxiety and Depression Association of America strongly recommends this therapy program.




Stress-Relieving and Relaxation Techniques – How can one relieve stress and relax when he is depressed and experiencing body aches? Well, one can perform yoga, choose to meditate, do light exercise, try walking, journal writing, and more. All of these are effective strategies that can get rid of stress. However, note that each person has a coping mechanism that promotes relaxation. The suggestions mentioned above are useful and beneficial for most.


Alternative Treatment – Others subject to pain management programs to relieve symptoms of depression such as body pains and headaches.