The 2016 California International Conference On Bipolar Disorder

A person who has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder can be challenging to deal with, which is why you have to be careful when connecting with this individual. Keep in mind that the level of care and prudence that you must show when it comes to dealing with the other person becomes heavier if you are dating him. “It helps individuals with bipolar disorder to understand what worsens and what triggers their illness,” says Stephen Ferrando, MD, director of psychiatry at Westchester Medical Center Health Network. In this article, we are going to look into the various tips discussed during the 2016 California international conference on bipolar disorder.




Educate Yourself


The first thing that you must do is to learn more about the illness of bipolar disorder. This process is necessary so that you will stop making assumptions about the disorder. Fortunately, it is now easy to gather information about a particular topic since free resources are everywhere. You can access materials that are available on the Internet or from books written by experts.


Maintain Effective Communication


Another thing that you have to prioritize is making sure that you maintain honest communication with the other person. Make him feel that he can open up to you at any time so that his bipolar disorder will not get in the way of the relationship.




Seek Professional Help For Him


Do not hesitate to consider seeking professional help for your partner if you believe that his bipolar disorder has transformed him into a different person. “The first line of intervention for bipolar disorder is medication,” says Simon Rego, PsyD, chief psychologist. Take note that the services of a therapist or psychiatrist may come in handy during this challenging situation.


If your loved one is going through various challenges, be sure to promise yourself that you will never leave him no matter what happens. “A person with bipolar may lose their job or their relationships with other people,” says Dr. David Roane, MD, chairman of the Department of Psychiatry at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City. Always remind yourself that you are patient and understanding. As long as you know how to deal with or handle the other person, there is nothing to worry about.