Suffering In Silence (Mental Health Issue)

There is no imaginable way that you could count the days that you feel down, alone, vulnerable, and weak. I can say that you suffered a lot from emotional and mental damage for most of your existence. Honestly, almost everybody is like you. A lot of them also suffer the same way you do, including me. We all feel stressed out, anxious, terrified, and confused about many things, especially those we can’t control. But unlike everybody else, how do you manage those life stressors? Do you express your feelings and talk it out? Do you encourage yourself to seek healthy intervention? Do you ignore life’s toxicity and refrain from overthinking? If these are the things you often do, then congratulations! You are doing well in taking care of your mental health. However, if neither of these is your ways and you don’t find yourself doing anything at all, we both can agree that you may be suffering from mental health issues in silence.


Not Talking About The Issue Is Not A Proper Way Of Recovery

A lot of people’s misconception when it comes to handling mental illnesses is the belief that once they ignore it, it will eventually go away. Unfortunately, that is farther from the truth. It is indeed valid that at some point, you will have to ignore some of the unimportant things that don’t require even the slightest attention. However, that strategy only works if you are trying to secure a positive parameter around you. When you are diagnosed with a mental health condition such as anxiety and depression, not talking about, will only make it worse. You will not only cry in pain for an extended period, but you will also suffer from the agony alone. Thus, not talking about your mental health problems will never help you by any means.


Not Understanding Limitations And Pushing Yourself On The Edge

Understandably, sometimes you feel you are more than emotionally and mentally strong enough to handle everything around you. That is a good thing. Your positive attitude towards your life stressors can become helpful in dealing with the unbearable ones. However, not every result turns out to be positive as well. Unfortunately, there are times that even if you think you can manage things despite having an emotional and mental imbalance, you end up incapable of doing anything. And when you try to pull yourself again and believe that you can make things right the second time around, still you end up messing things. Please do not feel bad about it. Of course, there are many things you can’t do, and that is okay. Do not torture yourself just because you think you are incapable of so many things.


Not Acknowledging You Need Professional Help Is Fatal

Sometimes, the only way a person like you wants to deal with mental health problems is by addressing it alone. There is this ideology that the need to try harder in keeping one’s mental health intact is achievable by practice. Unfortunately, that is the dumbest thing anyone could think of. Mental illness is not a temporary state that you quickly turn off whenever you want to. It is a condition that ruins your entire life. So when you rely only on personal choices and get blinded by the idea that you can make it alone, you are only putting yourself in a much-complicated situation. You understand that you need help, so why not take advantage of it? Acknowledge your mental health needs and seek professional advice. Do not settle for remedies that are not clinically proven. Never depend on the limited information you have.


Not Taking Your Mental Condition Seriously Causes A Severe Health Damage

Usually, you have a mental illness in silence because you do not take your condition seriously. There is a thought that many people share the same outlook and that some of them are okay with having a society-accepted mental incapacity. You indeed have to process every possible solution that you can take to avoid having an emotional and mental breakdown. Because even if you think that you can stay positive throughout your mental illness journey, a split second of undesirable decisions can ruin that piece of hope you have. Never ignore signs and symptoms because these exist for the particular reason of reminding you that everything is psychologically too much already.



Perhaps you would say that the things I babble about are just a piece of information you already know. You might also say that I will never understand your situation because I am not in your shoes. You may argue that the things I say only apply to those who need it more than you. Well, that is a fact. But let me emphasize one thing; your mental health needs are always beyond you. That is why mental health reminders are there.