Pain Clinics: A Comprehensive Look

Is this your first time to hear about pain clinics? Are you familiar with these institutions? Do you want to find out more about why these places exist and what it can offer to the public? If you answered yes to all these questions, then make sure to read this article from start to finish. We are going to list down some of the basic things that you need to know about pain clinics.



What Is A Clinic?


It is a place, establishment or institution wherein several doctors or medical practitioners gather to offer solutions or treatments to intractable pain. It is a go-to clinic where pain relief or medicines can no longer help a particular patient. According to Steve Bressert, Ph.D., ”There are many ways to try to cope with and manage your pain.”


A pain clinic is considered as a healthcare facility that is responsible for treating or managing chronic pains suffered by different individuals. These are some of the standard conditions that are addressed by a pain clinic:

  •    Back pain
  •    Arthritis
  •    Shingles pain
  •    Migraine headaches
  •    Carpal tunnel syndrome
  •    Cancer
  •    Neuropathic pain
  •    Pelvic pain
  •    Addiction
  •    Orofacial pain
  •    Palliative care


What Does A Pain Doctor Do?


A pain doctor or specialist is a medical professional who helps patients deal with the chronic pain. He usually specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of a specific kind of pain. As such, it is only proper to conclude that a pain doctor does not work on curing all types of pain. According to Kathleen Smith, PhD, LPC, “Doctors, pain specialists, psychiatrists, counselors, occupational therapists, and physical therapists are among those who can help you create and implement a treatment plan for your physical and mental health.” Because of this, it is necessary that you determine the specialization of the said doctor before choosing him as your doctor.


These are some of the typical functions that pain management specialists or healthcare providers or pain doctors do:

  •    Diagnose the condition of the patient by administering several tests and looking into the records
  •    Provide accurate treatment based on the findings
  •    Prescribe the proper medications to be taken or administered by the patient
  •    Perform effective and efficient procedures to eliminate or relieve the pain
  •    Offers rehabilitation services depending on the circumstances




How To Find The Right Pain Clinic?


When it comes to pain management, it is crucial that you take time in choosing the right pain doctor to assist you. First of all, it is necessary to emphasize the fact that your relationship with your selected pain specialists or medical practitioner will last for a long time. There may be a need to visit the clinic on a regular basis. Because of this, it is highly recommended that you find a pain doctor who is not only an expert but also someone you like to talk about your medical condition.


Below are some of the tips and tricks you could use when it comes to finding the right pain clinic:


  •    Conduct your research by checking online resources that talk about the pain clinics in your local area.
  •    Ask for recommendations from friends.
  •    Check the license of the pain doctor before asking for a diagnosis for your pain. Take note that only the professionals who have the proper permits and documents may engage in the practice of medical pain management.
  •    If possible, request for a referral from the persons you know in the medical field.


If you want a fast way to cure your pain, maybe it is time to consider visiting a pain clinic today! Pain psychologist Beth Darnall PhD states that, “Health and pain relief mindset interventions can be applied as early as possible to help medical and pain treatments work better.” Just make sure to remember some of the items listed above so that you will be able to choose the right pain doctor for you.