“I Have A Chronic Illness”: What Happens Next?

Are you suffering from a chronic pain that is challenging to deal with? Do you think it is difficult to get on with life now that you have been diagnosed with a severe medical condition? Is it okay to sit in the corner, break down, and cry because of the opportunities that you may lose because of your health issue? If you answered yes to these questions, then this article is perfect for you. Our post for today focuses on the different things that you need to do so that you can handle your chronic pain better. The best part of all is that we are going to share some tips and strategies from an excellent therapist.

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Take note that suffering from a chronic disease must never be equated with the end of the world. As early as now, you need to understand that what you are going through right now is only a phase. Everything is going to be okay soon, as long as you know how to prepare for every battle that you encounter. What is essential is that you choose to remain strong and steadfast, regardless of what you encounter. Be sure to read this article from start to finish so that you can learn more about the top things to consider in dealing with a chronic illness:


Consult With A Medical Doctor

The first thing that you must never forget is to consult with a medical doctor regularly. “Most clinicians have a really hard time talking to patients about healthy behavior change. We either beg or threaten them to make changes. This doesn’t work very well,” says Thomas Bodenheimer, MD, MPH. Your visit to your doctor’s office must not be intermittent. As much as possible, always make time for consultation because it is crucial to get updated with your medical condition. You cannot just rely on a diagnosis that your doctor gave you last year or even six months ago. Keep in mind that your body changes almost every day as well as the fact that there are tons of factors or circumstances that can affect your health. As such, you have to see to it that you will get a new diagnosis regularly from your trusted physician.

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Cheer Yourself Up

Make it a number one priority to enjoy everything about your life. Be happy in whatever you do and wherever you go. Take note that the way you look at life can have a positive effect on your wellness. How people relax is very individual”, according to Robert N. Jamison, PhD, a Harvard Medical School professor who works with people in chronic pain. “It’s a skill that comes easier to some than to others.” If you continue to be happy, you will start to notice an improvement in your medical condition. All of a sudden, the pain that you feel from the illness will begin to deteriorate. If you combine it with proper medication, there is a good chance that you can become better in no time. Always remind yourself that there are tons of reasons to be happy in this world. Look for genuine happiness and let it multiply in your life. For example, surround yourself with the right people so that you can attract more good vibes. At the same time, you have to promise to continue doing what is best for yourself, such as following a balanced diet or being physically active.


Seek Professional Help

Another option that you have to consider is to find a therapist. Do not have second thoughts to get in touch with a mental health expert who can help you handle the psychological effects of your chronic pain. Whether you like it or not, there is a high possibility that your medical condition can affect your overall wellness. When you are suffering from physical pain, your mental health will also be adversely affected because your body will send a signal to the brain that you have discomfort and pain in life. As such, it is best to look for a licensed therapist whom you can talk to whenever you need to. This professional can help you become smarter in dealing with the illness and can teach you ways on how to calm down.


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Be Hopeful

As what health and wellness expert Susan Biali Haas M.D. quoted, “Hope must be part of a chronic disease treatment plan.” Never lose hope that everything is going to be okay in your life. Keep in mind that whatever you think the most, you attract in life. This concept is based on the law of attraction, which tells us that the universe conspires to give you anything you want. Because of this, you must learn how to control the way you think. Be hopeful at all times, as it can be your powerful tool in getting better. Do not let anyone take the sunshine away from your life. Instead, be strong enough to show to everyone that you are a fighter.

Do not give others the great satisfaction of seeing you down and weak because of your condition. You deserve better than that.