How Can Your Marriage Stay Intact When Dealing With Lupus?



The array of worries that a lupus patient thinks of depends on what age you received the diagnosis. If you’re still a teen, you might assume that chronic illness will make it harder for you to go well with your peers. Once you reach young adulthood, your thoughts may transition to whether you’ll be able to find a job or not. And when you hit the marrying age, it’s possible for you to worry about not meeting a man who will stay by your side in sickness and in health. 

In reality, doubting your capability to have lifetime friends and a stable career is slightly unessential. There may be judgmental folks throughout your search, but you’ll surely find ones who will support you and believe in your prowess a hundred percent.  

More importantly, tying the knot with a great guy isn’t impossible, regardless of how active your lupus may be. You only need to take a few extra measures to ensure that your marriage will remain intact even during the most challenging times. 


Decrease Your Stress Levels  



Similar to any chronic disease, stress is among the trigger factors of lupus. When you’re taking on more tasks than you can physically and mentally handle, it can make the illness flare-up. The same result may also show once you’re too busy to sleep for eight hours or so. 

Now, it won’t be very nerve-wracking for your partner to see you in that state if the symptoms include occasional chills or sneezing. In case you have rashes, joint pain, and swelling quite often, however, your man might leave because he can’t bear to see you like that anymore or he’s unwilling to be with you in such a condition. 

You can, of course, increase your chances of keeping your marriage intact by lowering your stressors. Don’t try to manage more than a single project, especially when other employees can multitask on your behalf. Pamper your body and mind as much as possible too to have the energy to keep up with your better half. 


Iron Out Any Disagreement 

You and your spouse may be model citizens, yet you are both undoubtedly far from being saint-like. There will be instances wherein your small arguments may turn into huge rows. Sometimes you may get frustrated when the man can’t do something for you, or vice versa.  

What you should think about in these heated moments is if what you’re fighting about is enough reason to end your marriage. In case it isn’t, reconcile immediately to avoid hurting one another’s feelings further. 


Stay Intimate With Each Other 



The last straw that may enable your significant other to split with you is your lack of sexual desire. For sure, you are free to let that happen if you have already fallen out of love. But assuming it is due to your medication or physical exhaustion, then you better look for ways to remain intimate with each other. 

A quick remedy for the problem is asking your physician to prescribe a treatment that won’t deflate your sex drive. Outside of the medical realm, you may start going on date nights as if you’re still in the boyfriend/girlfriend stage, or experiment in and out of bed. If the horizontal tango can’t genuinely be in the cards right now, search for various methods to keep the intimacy alive. 

Marriage between a healthy and an ill individual does not always end in divorce. Many lupus patients are happily married despite carrying chronic disease. Considering they got to do that, there’s no reason to worry whether your marriage can stay intact forever.