Five Things You Should Know About Yoga


Ever felt that sudden rush of peace and energy right after a good workout session? Or even after a lap or two in your subdivision in a chill quiet morning, insight the sun rising to its majesty, the cities still snoring and the birds chirping harmoniously in the near.

Nothing beats those short moments of exhaustion out of your exercises when you start getting that relaxing pool of energy afterward. It is as if you can conquer whatever challenge that comes your way that day.

While there are many ways we can relax to have a healthier body and mind, one of the trending ways nowadays is yoga. “Yoga is widely known for reducing stress, improving flexibility and concentration, and promoting a sense of peace—to name just a few of its possible positive outcomes,” says Tracy S. Hutchinson, Ph.D. “Studies support the benefits of Yoga for a variety of health outcomes, including pain, functional ability, blood pressure, sleep, depression, anxiety, immune function, and cognitive function,” according to Melanie Greenberg Ph.D.

Here are five facts you should be aware of how yoga helps us clear ourselves of curable pains:


  1. Reducing Stress

We all know the role stress plays in all of our conditions. Stress releases the stress hormone, cortisol, which leads our bodies in both physical and mental poor condition. And there is no denying the disadvantage of an unhealthy body and mind bear in our reality today.

Yoga, through its poses, breathing, and meditation exercises helps one to just live in the moment and put all worries aside.

“Researchers say it is the relaxation response that accompanies these mind and body practices that lead to the many improvements to physical and mental health,” according to Deborah Khoshaba Psy.D.

  1. Releasing Emotional Baggage

The hips and shoulders are two parts of the body where emotional tensions are likely to settle. Yoga helps one to release those stored tensions and be free of the baggage at the moment. When done regularly, one can then have more control over the outpour of emotions.


Also, we know emotions are temporary. But for some reason, the negative ones seem to linger a little bit more. If you ever find yourself stuck, you should really find ways to release them.


  1. Sweating Toxicities Away

When engaged in physical exercises, one thing’s for sure to come: sweat. Even in our elementary science, we know that sweating helps us release some of the body’s unnecessary content. The heat that leaves our bodies when we sweat brings with it some of the diseases that it can so purification starts to occur.


  1. Reduces Blood Thickness

Pattabhi Joi said that the exercises we engage in during yoga enable the heating of the blood, he even refers to it as boiling. Due to the warming of the blood during yoga, thick blood which is ideal for most diseases becomes thinner. That leads to more free circulation.

Studies already support this. They show that heart diseases and high blood pressure, among other chronic diseases, can have reduced risk factors when engaged in yoga.


  1. Improving Sleep

While yoga is known for its many benefits such as enhanced flexibility, enhanced focus, reduced risk-factors to chronic illnesses, and many more, yoga has also been one of the most effective ways to improve sleep.

Yoga has been studied to affect people with different types of insomnia. Insomnia is linked to other mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression. And lack of sleep is one identified factor that reduces cognition.

Researchers found their subjects have improved on some sleep-related factors such as sleep efficiency and sleep onset latency which is the waiting time for a person before falling asleep.

These are just five of the things yoga can help you improve your health. While medications can genuinely support, engaging in activities that have both physical and mental benefits are definitely worth the consideration.