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“I Have A Chronic Illness”: What Happens Next?

Are you suffering from a chronic pain that is challenging to deal with? Do you think it is difficult to get on with life now that you have been diagnosed with a severe medical condition? Is it okay to sit in the corner, break down, and cry because of the opportunities that you may lose because of your health issue? If you answered yes to these questions, then this article is perfect for you. Our post for today focuses on the different things that you need to do so that you can handle your chronic pain better. The best part of all is that we are going to share some tips and strategies from an excellent therapist.


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Small Things You Can Do To Cope With Stress Everyday

We all know how simple stress can eat our whole day, even our supposed good night of sleep. Stress discriminates no one. It can hit everyone- children, teenagers, and most especially the adults. Psychology, however, suggests that stress can also be beneficial to each one of us. Even with the adverse effects, it brings us, experiencing stress also helps us to develop proper reactions to threatening situations.


As a definition, stress means that reaction to a situation which we find uncomfortable, distressing, or naturally not favorable to us because such makes us threatened and anxious. True enough, if not adequately addressed, it can bring about adverse effects on our physical, emotional, and mental well-being in the long-run.

Below is the list of these small things that we can do to cope with stress every single day:

Add Healthy Food To Your Meals

Eat on time, and never try skipping meals because an empty stomach won’t help. Once you get hungry, go and buy or have something that will fill your empty stomach. However, make sure that the food you eat is healthy. Since stress has something to do with health, your diet must cooperate as well to keep you active and alive.

All the food we eat has an impact not only on our physique but also on our mental well-being. Most of the time, our meals are composed of food that is high in bad cholesterol, fats, and carbs that can aggravate our stress levels. Doctors have this diet for stress management, which composes of food that boosts levels of serotonin, also known as the “happy and calming chemical” of the brain.

Get Moving


It does not mean a full-blast exercise or tiring workout sessions that eat your schedule. A simple walk in the neighborhood or a ten-minute walk or jog on the treadmill will do the work. It is one of the simplest ways to un-stuck those tight joints that you may have from sitting in your office the whole day. It will also allow you to breathe fresher air (if you opt to have a walk or jog outside) and to clear your view from the clutter of piles of documents which shouts work and stress.

Read Inspirational Quotes


Better yet, start your day by reading one or a couple of inspirational quotes from social media or the internet in general. Most people are positively benefitted by reading motivational stories as it becomes their guide on their everyday lives. One quote a day will be your mind’s reason to move forward. An inspirational or motivational quote also helps in preventing negativities that trigger stress before we know it.

Learn To Pause For A While And Take A Break

Working hard does not mean working for eight hours without a break. Know when enough is enough for the day. Allocate time to stand up, crack those joints, flex a little, walk, and buy some refreshments, and connect with others. Do any of these when you think whatever it is that you are doing are already overloading.

Have Someone To Tell Your Day’s Activities To

Sometimes, the secret is to connect with others. Share how your day went with your best friends or any members of the family. This work wonders because we feel like we need someone to side with us and share our sentiments, especially with our problems. Most of the time, we need someone to make us laugh and a good friend, more often than not, bears this responsibility.

However, it is essential that we keep in mind that these people themselves will not fix our stress problems for us. You may have their support, but the initiative to de-stress must also come within you.


As soon as you find time to relax a little, think of what you have done so far. Trace the source of stress and ask yourself how to avoid it in the future, possibly. Rate your work and the way you handle your problems that day.

Create a balanced schedule in mind and the next small steps you have to undertake towards your goal. Most of the time, our stress comes from the unfinished task that we feel we cannot do before the deadline. Look at the big picture for inspiration but don’t forget the small steps you have to overcome first.

Stress, no matter how simple or small it is should not be taken lightly. Learn the power of de-stressing even at these minor instances. We may not know it, but stress management does not need complicated stuff to be successful. It starts in the little things that each of us can do anytime.

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The 2016 California International Conference On Bipolar Disorder

A person who has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder can be challenging to deal with, which is why you have to be careful when connecting with this individual. Keep in mind that the level of care and prudence that you must show when it comes to dealing with the other person becomes heavier if you are dating him. In this article, we are going to look into the various tips discussed during the 2016 California international conference on bipolar disorder.




Educate Yourself


The first thing that you must do is to learn more about the illness of bipolar disorder. This process is necessary so that you will stop making assumptions about the disorder. Fortunately, it is now easy to gather information about a particular topic since free resources are everywhere. You can access materials that are available on the Internet or from books written by experts.


Maintain Effective Communication


Another thing that you have to prioritize is making sure that you maintain honest communication with the other person. Make him feel that he can open up to you at any time so that his bipolar disorder will not get in the way of the relationship.




Seek Professional Help For Him


Do not hesitate to consider seeking professional help for your partner if you believe that his bipolar disorder has transformed him into a different person. Take note that the services of a therapist or psychiatrist may come in handy during this challenging situation.


If your loved one is going through various challenges, be sure to promise yourself that you will never leave him no matter what happens. Always remind yourself that you are patient and understanding. As long as you know how to deal with or handle the other person, there is nothing to worry about.



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Basic Tips From 2016 Irving Health And Fitness Conference

The best part about attending big events or conferences is getting an opportunity to meet with excellent people. Most of the time, these individuals belong to the same industry or profession that you have. As such, it becomes easy for everyone to connect and realize that they have the same interests or likes. This is how I felt when I attended the 2016 Irving health and fitness conference. During this event, I learned a lot from the speakers and even the friends I met.




I want to share some of the exciting techniques or strategies that I got from them during the said event. I have to say that showing up at the conference was one of the significant decisions I made in my life. Here are the ways on how one can remain fit and healthy.


Get Enough Sleep


Take note that there is a necessity on your part to rest because your body is not a machine. You need to understand that sleep is essential for your day-to-day bodily functions. Because of this, it is ideal for you to get sufficient sleep for at least seven to eight hours a day.


Eat Right


Be sure to have a balanced diet a big part of your lifestyle. Learn how to choose your food intake and be smart enough to eat only those that have high nutrients. Keep yourself away from food items that are high in fat, cholesterol, and other harmful ingredients.




Exercise Regularly


Make it a habit to go to the gym or complete home exercises regularly. All you have to do is to budget your hours for a particular day and set aside at least thirty minutes for physical activities. It will not only help improve your health but also boost your mood.


Make sure to follow the items listed below if you want to achieve a better you.





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Alleviate Pain With The 2015 Las Vegas Pain Management Conferences

The 2015 Las Vegas Pain Management Conferences delivered some of the best advice for those who suffer from pain. Each conference sparked an ideal and effective suggestion. Before sharing what these are, let us first understand pain.

The feeling of pain serves as an indicator that something’s wrong with your body.  It is the unpleasant sensation conveyed to your brain by your sensory neurons. Though other times, this may be a bothersome feeling. Pain comes from major injuries, but it is not limited to that. Pain may occur in the form of discomfort from diseases and emotional responses. Dealing with pain is a challenge, but here are three ways discussed in the conferences.

  1. Treatment And Medication

The easiest and most effective way to treat pain is through treatments and medications. Pain killers and analgesics are common over-the-counter medicines for light pain. These medicine help treat headaches, light sprains, and muscle pain.  For more serious cases, opioids are prescribed.

Non-medication treatments for physical pain include therapies, massages, acupuncture, and surgery. Pain does not only come from the body, but it may also come from emotional stress. Psychotherapy and relaxation therapies are also good alternatives.

  1. Pain Is Mind Over Matter

Another method in dealing with pain is through thought. Some cases of emotional pain decrease with a proper mindset. Often, when you panic the pain increases. It is best to stay calm and believe that the situation won’t get worse. Whether it is a huge accident or sudden episode of distress, staying calm is always the best option.


  1. Seek Help

Nothing is wrong with asking for help. There are forms of pain that aren’t directly treated. It includes psychological and emotional pain. Around these times, it is best to consult with a professional. The support of a close relative or friend may also go an extra mile.


These are but some of the pain management techniques discussed in the 2015 Las Vegas Pain Management Conferences. Make sure to attend their future conferences for more ideas!

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5 Ways Love Impacts Your Well-Being 

Love has been defined in so many different ways over the years. Companionship, someone to share good and bad times with, watching Netflix at two in the morning, and so much more. It is a concept with a continuously growing definition.  



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Understanding The Types Of Cancer Pain



What is a pain? It is something unpleasant, that’s for sure. It is felt physically and emotionally and may be linked with actual tissue damage. Family members, friends, and significant others should well be aware of the kind of pain of their cancer patient and how to deal with it.

People feel and describe pain in different ways. Even those who have the same kind of cancer may have different descriptions of their pain. Pain is affected by an individual’s body type, his emotions, and ultimately by his environment. These factors all affect one’s brain, spinal, and nerves – collectively known as the nervous system. One’s experience and description of pain can also vary according to his health issues, his concept of pain, the type of cancer and its stage, and the kind of treatment he is receiving. Members of the healthcare team evaluate all these factors with the goal of helping relieve the pain.

Only the person in pain can clearly describe his pain appropriately. It can either be burning, gnawing, pinching, stabbing, sharp, steady, or aching. Your family, friends, and health professionals who are taking care of you will depend on your description and from there, they will work on your pain and its effect it will have on your life.

Cancer Pain

Cancer pain is a big word to describe the different types of pain that cancer patients may feel. According to statistics, there are six in ten cancer patients that claim they feel pain during treatment, with more than 60% of those with advanced stage cancer feeling more pain. Ironically, some don’t experience pain at all, while others say the pain comes and goes.

Causes Of Cancer Pain

Some common reasons for experiencing pain include:

  • A fracture if cancer has already spread to the bones
  • A tumor that has put pressure on nerves, bones, or vital organs
  • Effects of radiation, surgery, or chemotherapy
  • Poor circulation
  • Muscular rigidity from inactivity or tension
  • Infection and swelling
  • Poor body mechanics, which may lead to back pain, etc.

When the patient complains of new pain, it doesn’t necessarily mean that cancer has progressed to the advanced stage. It may just be that the patient has varying pain levels.

Types Of Cancer Pain

Pain, particularly cancer pain, can be classified according to the parts of the body that are affected or the length of time the pain lasts.

Acute Pain

Pain begins abruptly and ends for a short time, within days or weeks. Acute pain can be mild or severe, and it typically occurs when the body is hurt in some way. When the body is given time to rest and heal, the pain also disappears.

Chronic Pain

This is characterized by pain that persists for three months or more. Chronic pain can be caused by an existing problem but can also develop way after the body has healed.

Nerve Pain

Neuropathic pain is a result of applied pressure on a nerve or spinal cord. It can also be caused by specific nerve damage. The pain is intermittent – it comes and goes – and people who have this type of pain complain of a burning or tingling sensation.

Breakthrough Pain

This pain occurs even if the patient takes his medications. Possibly, this may occur because the dosage is not sufficient to stop the pain or it occurs at varying times of the day. Flare-ups are typical with this pain, and one of its most common causes is anxiety.

Referred Pain

The person does not feel the pain exactly on the problematic area but in other areas of the body. For instance, the pain from an inflamed liver is felt on the right shoulder.


Bone Pain

One of the severe pains felt is pain caused by bone damage, which may be due to metastasis of cancer to the bones. It is often characterized as dull, throbbing, or aching. It is mostly worse in the evenings.

Soft Tissue Pain

The pain is due to pressure on the soft tissue, including the muscles. Soft tissue pain is usually described as sharp or throbbing.

Phantom Pain

Also called ‘pseudo pain’ or ‘false pain,’ phantom pain is pain felt on a missing body part, such as leg pain after the leg has been removed, or a painful breast after mastectomy. It is quite difficult to manage with medications. Sometimes, relaxation techniques, heat, and exercise can help.

Pain Relief In Cancer

Cancer patients can take various pain relievers when they feel pain. It is better to drink medication and be relieved as soon as possible. However, if pain persists for days even after having taken pain medications, one should promptly call or see his doctor and ask for professional advice. The doctor must guide the patient on the dose and frequency of the pain medications he must take stronger meds.


Patients can try the various pain relief methods once, twice, or even thrice. If the pain still persists on the first dose, try again before giving up. If, finally, after how many tries, the pain continues, do not try to take stronger medications without consulting your physician.





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How To Handle An ALS Patient              

Finding out that a loved one has been diagnosed with ALS or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis can turn your life upside down. You will feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders. You are sad about the diagnosis, but you cannot allow the other person to see your suffering. Otherwise, that loved one will experience your pain, which will ultimately make him feel ashamed about receiving your care or concerns. Do not worry because we understand all these matters, which is why we have decided to write about the proper ways or methods to follow to deal with an ALS patient.


You need to familiarize yourself with these:

Be Compassionate

Remember that the other person is experiencing or suffering from the adverse effects of the ALS illness. Because of this, it is imperative on your part to find a way to become more understanding to the said individual. Make it a habit to practice compassion so that the other person can feel that he is not a burden for you or anyone in the family. All you need to do is to become more compassionate at all times. 

Seek Help From Others

Do not forget to recognize your limitation as a human person. Accept the reality that you cannot handle everything on your own. Sometimes, all you have must do is to seek professional help from experts who know how to handle the situation of your loved one. Trust in them that they can provide the best care for the family member involved. At the same time, it is also best for you to ask help from friends and relatives during the times when you have urgent matters to attend to, and no one would be left to watch over him.


Read About ALS

The only way to help and support someone with ALS is to find a way to understand the illness. There is a great necessity on your part to educate yourself more about what this condition is. Do not worry because there are several resources available online that you can access for free. However, make sure to verify or check the authenticity of the author of the articles as well as the authority of the site so that you can avoid misleading information or false claims. As much as possible, limit your searches to relevant and reliable sites all the time. If you need a detailed discussion about ALS, feel free to visit a medical doctor.

Have A Positive Mind

You need to start living a life that is full of positivity so that you can inspire the other person to develop a positive mind. Remember that an ALS patient feels a little down because of his current situation. He has a high tendency of being ashamed or embarrassed about his condition. At the same time, he will also suffer from the negative effects of self-pity. Because of this, it is crucial on your part to spread happiness and positivity into this person’s life. Make it a life goal to remain positive at all times.


Whenever you start to doubt yourself, make sure to remember how far you’ve come on this journey. Do not give up easily and keep going. Change your belief system for a better life.

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Tips For Dealing With Chronic Pain

Experiencing pain, regardless of its type or form, is only normal. This means that you do not need to worry about it if the inconvenience or discomfort brought about by pain only lasts for less than an hour, especially when there is a clear medical explanation for such pain. 


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Pain Clinics: A Comprehensive Look

Is this your first time to hear about pain clinics? Are you familiar with these institutions? Do you want to find out more about why these places exist and what it can offer to the public? If you answered yes to all these questions, then make sure to read this article from start to finish. We are going to list down some of the basic things that you need to know about pain clinics.



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